How to Truly Focus on Your Project

Being able to focus on your project could be one of the biggest challenges that you face in your project management career.

With so many distractions at work and at home you might wonder how you can possibly manage to do this. Well, there are some useful tips that could help you to get back your project focus.

Do One Thing at a Time

The easiest way to lose focus is to try and do a number of different things all at the same time. Unfortunately, it is far too easy for a project manager to slip into this way of working, as there usually are lots of things needing done at any one time.

However, to focus on your project again you will want to simply do one thing at a time. Whether it writing a document, getting your PRINCE2 training or carrying out testing, everything in the project has its time and place.

Good planning and writing a comprehensive and easy to understand plan will help you to do this more easily.

See the Big Picture to Focus on Your Project

Could it be that you have lost a bit of focus because you don’t understand the big picture? There is no shame in admitting this, although it is something that you will definitely want to rectify as soon as possible.

What will the end users gain from what you are doing or how will it increase the profit your company makes? By understanding what it is that you are going to improve with your delivery you should be able to focus on your project once again.

One good approach here is to go out to see the real working environment. This can help you to understand how many people will see some sort of immediate and quantifiable improvement in their day due to your hard work.

After this, good communication will help you to maintain your focus.

Aim for Success

Is it possible that you aren’t demanding enough with yourself? It is easy to lose focus on your project work when you are happy to settle for second best and deliver mediocre results.

Perhaps the best action to take in this case is to get your professional PRINCE2 qualification. This will help you to feel more professional and could help you get your mojo back at work too.

This doesn’t mean that you need to make your project’s success the single most important thing in your life. However, it can help to demand more of yourself and to see that you are capable of more.

Make It a Personal Challenge

Might you regain your focus by throwing down the gauntlet to yourself? By considering this project to be a personal challenge you need to rise to you might be able to focus on it more clearly.

If you love a good challenge that why not try to get inspired in this way? By rising to the challenge you can focus on your project and push yourself to deliver what is needed.

Don’t settle for a poor project focus when you can do so much better with a little bit of extras effort.