Managers Want More Training for Their Career Development

Career development is an issue that concerns all of us who are keen to progress at work. In this respect, a new piece of research has revealed that many managers want more training.

The study was carried out by workplace innovation firm Grovo and the research consultants at Wakefield Research. They spoke to 500 middle managers in a number of different industries. This involved discussions about their career development opportunities and the challenges they face.

Among the highlights of the results we can see that 98% of the managers who were surveyed feel that they need more training of one sort or another for this demanding role. They said that this is needed to deal with a number of aspects of their job such as project management, employee turnover and conflicts.

Among the other attention grabbing figures, it can be seen that 84% of the managers also said that they need to find a way to manage their own skills more effectively. Interestingly, 76% of them also said that bad managerial behaviour by ineffective leadersis often rewarded.

Less Than Half Are Highly Effective Managers

Perhaps most worrying is the fact that less than 50% of the mangers who took part feel that they are highly effective in the role right now.  This is reflected in the fact that 2 out of 5 of them feel that they aren’t yet prepared enough. They need more training to handle the most challenging aspects of being a modern day manager.

Clearly, the issue of training and career development is something that is of great concern to many managers. The results of this study also make it clear that there are many managers who feel as though a lack of training is holding them back.

More training could be the key to them carrying out their job to the highest possible standard.